What are building integrated solar power systems?

These are the mini power plants installed by putting solar photovoltaic panels on the idle areas on the roofs and facades of the buildings in order to meet the electricity of the buildings and to benefit by selling excess electricity to distribution company.

How long does the system achieve the return on investment?

It varies depending on the location of your facility and the installed power scale. By designing the right project the average payback time in Turkey varies between 4 and 6 years.

At nights, is it possible to use electricity produced during the day?

According to the regulation, the clearing offs occur at the end of the month. Therefore, you put the excess electricity that you produced during the day into the grid, you pull it out from the grid at night, and at the end of the month, balancing is made with the distribution company over the total production and consumption.

Does electricity production continue in cloudy weather?

The high quality photovoltaic solar panels we use are designed to absorb the sun light even on bad weather conditions. In such days, although the energy efficiency is lower than in sunny days, electricity production won’t stops.

How much space do I need on my roof for installation of solar system?

The required area changes depending on many factors such as roof structure, slope, shading factors, selected equipment characteristics etc. However, 10 kW capacity can be placed on an average roof area of 80 -100 m².

What is the economic life of the system to be installed?

The photovoltaic panel manufacturers guarantee that production with a maximum loss of 20% after 25 years under normal conditions and produce their products accordingly. Many installed system also support this. The facilities, which are regularly checked and maintained, will continue to produce at the end of these last 25 years with little production loss.

How often does the system require maintenance?

Since the installed systems are not mechanical systems, they do not require heavy maintenance. It will be sufficient to clean it with pure water 2 or 3 times in a year according to its location. You can also monitor your production and breakdown status instantly with Onsolar remote monitoring system.




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