Onsolar is an energy and design company that is developing ecological & smart buildings and infrastructure by combining engineering and architecture with sustainable energy.

In order to solve the climate change and carbon emission, which is the most important problem of our age, first, energy must be produced and consumed with the right ways.

ONSOLAR is working to make the world a better place by producing optimum designs and solutions to bring clean and infinite energy to the consumers.


Every Customer is Different and Special for Us.

As Onsolar Energy, we understand that each customer we meet has different needs, budgets, expectations and requirements that cannot always be met with a simple solar array. For this reason, we take time to get to know our customers and their needs before proposing an energy reduction solution.

For commercial customers, we make great efforts to analyze and understand business-specific consumption and billing data. Before providing any suggestions to our customers, we create a wide variety of energy reduction options and make sure to utilize every possible locations.

Project, design, consultancy and application experience
Young and dynamic engineer and architect team who follow innovations at any time and provide correct integration very quickly.
Excellent work and on time delivery
After sales maintenance and support service.
Guarantee your production values and offers favorable payment terms
Continuous system monitoring service



Our teams come to analyze your facility in order to determine the right project according to your needs. You can take advantage of our free service of determining the most suitable system for you and preparing the feasibility studies